“The most valuable lesson I have learned thus far is that using my voice is of the utmost importance. I thank ART.”

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Classy but Spunky. Native New Yorker. Actress. Singer/Songwriter. Animal Lover. Pescatarian. Future TED Talks guest speaker.

Kara Green has loved the art of storytelling ever since she was old enough to gaze at the television screen. The awe of entering a world of illusion has moved her to actively aid in bringing heart-stirring stories to life.


Theater at Monmouth’s 2019 Summer Repertory

Athena Theatre’s 10 Minute Play Festival: A Deafening Silence, Part 1

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  • Landed a Co-star role on Season 3 of the CBS hit show “Bull.”

  • Voice of Unseen Exhibitions at the American Museum of Natural History

  • Featured in THE BILL, now streaming on Amazon Prime