The Right to Write

Art is about self expression. It's funny how we (or maybe just I), seldom forget that. I have always wanted to develop a blog. I started on many occasions but never really stuck to it. But it feels as though something within me has blossomed this year and all the may endeavors I have wanted to pursue are making the way back into my brain and my heart. My creative juices are starting to flow again (go figure, two years AFTER I begin an acting program), and I will accomplish what I set out to. Writing is perhaps the most simple, yet at the same time the most challenging thing to me. What if I sound unintelligent? What if I forget the subject matter? An ongoing list of 'What if's' can fill the rest of this post but I simple refuse to do that. I will write as often as I like and I will remove the self criticism. Why? Because I have the right to. Tataa!