Art has a purpose. Art is a vessel. Sometimes words or thoughts are incapable of expressing the truest intent of a being's soul, but art never fails. I choose to use my art for something greater than myself. 

Are we able put put aside differences?


Rarely does enlightenment occur in the face of closed mindedness.


Tell me your stories and I will tell you mine. 

The Right to Write

Art is about self expression. It's funny how we (or maybe just I), seldom forget that. I have always wanted to develop a blog. I started on many occasions but never really stuck to it. But it feels as though something within me has blossomed this year and all the may endeavors I have wanted to pursue are making the way back into my brain and my heart. My creative juices are starting to flow again (go figure, two years AFTER I begin an acting program), and I will accomplish what I set out to. Writing is perhaps the most simple, yet at the same time the most challenging thing to me. What if I sound unintelligent? What if I forget the subject matter? An ongoing list of 'What if's' can fill the rest of this post but I simple refuse to do that. I will write as often as I like and I will remove the self criticism. Why? Because I have the right to. Tataa!

It's a wrap!

So, I recently finished filming the New York Film Academy short film entitled "Pride." There is no greater learning than gaining experience on the job. I've met many beautiful souls during this process and I can't wait until it's released in September! In the meantime, here are a few behind the scenes photos.

Upcoming Film!

I have great news to share! I have recently been cast in a film written and produced by NYFA students. Switching gears into film is my goal for the summer and I welcome the challenge. I will share more info as I'm able to :). 

Come see me and some of my ASDS classmates dance the dance of ballroom tonight!

Saturday May 14th Special Performance Actors Studio Drama School Final Ballroom Dance Showing at The 92nd Street Y!!!

Screen Capture of Rehearsal Video at The Alvin Ailey School

NYC April 2016.


Save the date for Ballroom Dancing at The World Famous 92nd Street Y. The one hour Foxtrot and Rumba Class begins at 7pm and will be taught by Alvin Ailey Faculty member Danielle Quisenberry. Then, you will enjoy an evening of music and social dancing fun until midnight. The exciting show is at 10pm.  The masters candidates from the Actors Studio Drama School at Alvin Ailey have prepared a beautiful theatrical waltz and are 2nd on the bill with other accomplished performers. Please come out and support these talented and dedicated artists as they celebrate the end of the first full year of ballroom dance training offered by ASDS through their partner The Ailey School. 

Contact Danielle Quisenberry at for more information.

Grad School year 2 down/New Updates

The Donahue Sisters! I loved working with these ladies.

The Donahue Sisters! I loved working with these ladies.

Could it be that I have already completed my second year in grad school? That is absolutely crazy to me. It's has been a very fruitful year of laughs, plenty of tears, but most of all, resiliency. I am becoming stronger and more focused as the days go by. 

and another one!

Hello lovely people! I'm pleased to announce an upcoming Liquid Courage skit I will take part in at the UCB on Friday, January 22nd (well technically, it's at 12 a.m. so that constitutes as the 23rd.) Either way, if you are a night owl and down for some comedy, come join me!  

Tuesday night was a success!

I had such a wonderful time with all these Shakespearean actors. The best part is that we managed to raise over $1,000 for Open Windows NYC. It was a beautiful night full of such inspiring energy and thank you to you all who came out and donated. Life is golden and you only get one shot at it. Make it grand. Share. Love. Experience.  

2nd Annual Purple Ribbon Shakespeare Event

Hello all! This upcoming Tuesday, December 8th, I will be joining the ranks of other talented Shakespearean actors for a night of entertainment. But more importantly, we are working to raise money for Open Windows NYC, a nonprofit helping domestic violence survivors in nontraditional ways, providing the survivors with haircuts and shaves. If you are free and available, please come out and enjoy art at its best! Attached below is a link with all the debts. hope to see your beautiful faces there!

Upright Citizens Brigade

They say in order to grow one must be constantly doing things that they fear. A few weeks back I performed in a skit at UCB with these wonderful people! The experience was so fun and comedy is definitely an avenue I would love to explore. I have always heard so many things about UCB but never actually been there, so to be a first timer there while performing was surreal. I encourage everyone, right now, to do something that makes you just a little scared. It will bring out a new strength in you that you never new existed. 

To The Rising Sun Showcase

Good Afternoon everyone! I'm excited to invite you all to an upcoming show I have been working very hard on for the past six months. It is a moving artistic piece in the form of poetry and song featuring the works of Nina Simone, Miriam Makeba, Odetta and Maya Angelou, entitled "To The Rising Sun." Here are the deets and a Preview video!

Hey everyone! Thanks for the continued love and support. This summer has been a productive one, between going on auditions, rehearsing and working. I am pleased to say that I have been booked to sing for the 2015 Annual Scholarship Awards Gala being held at the Hilton Hotel in New Jersey. I am stoked and  grateful for every step I take on this journey. Every opportunity matters.  Every 'no' I hear, I am one step closer to a 'yes.' If anyone is interested in purchasing tickets to the Gala, inbox me. Tickets are $85 each. Thanks again.  


I recently filmed a White Castle commercial promoting their new food items, Nibblers. They were so yummy and it was the perfect day to spend in Coney Island. Look out for my featured role coming soon.

Keep It Moving

I have booked a role in an educational informercial entitled K12, which filmed yesterday. It was such an exhilarating experience. #workhardeveryday


Hello all! Tomorrow night is going to be a very special night, as I am making my way back to the stage and performing some original music. It's going to be an amazing showcase with other amazing artists. Come check us out!

Dream Up Festival!

Hello everyone, I have exciting news! I will be in a new theater production "Angela's Justice," which will be showcased as part of the Dream Up Festival taking place in August at Theater for the New City in the LES. Stay tuned as I will update you with exact dates and ticket information.

Fan Base on Indigogo

Hello world! By now, you guys (and gals) should be aware of the new web series I will be in entitled "Fan Base." Our Indiegogo campaign has recently been launched and we have 36 more days left to raise $25,000 for production costs. I would very much appreciate your support so that we may bring to life a wonderful story. Fan Base has the ability to change the future of television not only because of it's riveting tale, but also more importantly because it allows minorities to take center stage and it embraces interracial dating. Living in a country so rich with culture, it should be celebrated more in the media. Fan Base is the future.

Click the link below to check out our Indiegogo page.